Management Club Events – 2024

23 Jan

Management Club Events – 2024

    Prof Anupama Hampannavar
    Roles and responsibilities

    1. Management Club Coordinator
    2. Class Teacher for 1st Year 2024 Batch A Section
    3. Academic Clubs Coordinator

   Management Club event Word Building event:
   -To improvise the vocabularies of management jargon words.

   Management Club event Debate:
   -To improvise the facts collections and present the same.

   Management Club event on Poster crafting on give Topic-Digital posters

   Management Club event Business Quiz:
   -To update students on for current Business affairs

    Management Club event Muse Ads:
   -Create an ad on a given product instently. –

   Management Club event Unique Omnific (Best out of waste)
   -Uphold students in getting innovative products from waste.

    Management Club event Group Discussion

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